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  • Membership

    Membership in ANTA is open to anyone who is at least eighteen years old, who owns a Norfolk, and who subscribes to the purposes of the Club. If you are interested, contact Lini Federici  (856-234-3874 or linif@comcast.net) and she will be happy to send you an application.


    ANTA’s Bylaws require that an application for membership be sponsored by two members. You can meet members at ANTA events and at dog shows with a significant Norfolk entry. If you come from a part of the country where it’s difficult to find other Norfolk owners,  write to our Club officers to introduce yourself. While ANTA membership demonstrates support for the Norfolk breed and for the Club, it confers the right and responsibility to participate in running the Club. Therefore, it is important to that members be active in the breed and in ANTA activities.


    Nonmembers are always welcome at ANTA events and most Club benefits and services are available either without regard to membership or at only a modest premium to nonmembers. Dues are $20 per year for individuals or $25 per year for families and include a subscription to our newsletter, ANTIC, while a nonmember subscription to ANTIC is $15 per year. There is $5 per year postage surcharge for mailing outside of the North American Continent.