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    The ladies are ready to dig. (L to R) Beth Jernigan, Bridget Smith, and Peggy Metcalf. Almost got it! Avalon's Opening Act on Broadway (aka Tony) earned her first major during Montgomery Weekend and went on to win the Merry of Beaufin Stakes. Flying dogs in flat racing. (Photo by Sheila Foran) The whole ANTA contingent ... top row left to right ... Lini Federici, Peggy Metcalf, Liz McDonnell, Janet Laterner, Sue Ely, Lance and Bernadette Martin, Lori Pelletier and Gavin Pelletier Newell. Front row left to right, Beth Kravitz, Sharon Witte, Joane Krantz, Sheila Foran, and Tony Gabrielli. Lini Federici gives her puppy some last minute encouragement as the class is set to begin. Great concentration!

    The Mailman Cometh

    From the TimesUnion – February 11, 2015 Toula, Judy Carbauh’s Norfolk terrier, gets on the couch every day to look out the living room window at their Mechanicville home for the mail truck to park and then barks to let … Continue reading

    Snowy day at Avalon in January 2015 (Photo by Jen Melo) Puppies! (Photo by Jen Malo) Dog Show
    Dog Show

    Fall Festival 2014

    The 2014 Fall Festival held at the Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole, Massachusetts was fun … both indoors and out.  On a rainy Saturday we were blessed with wonderful indoor accommodations and on a sunny Sunday we were … Continue reading