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    The search box above may be used to find articles published in ANTIC from 2010 to the present and also items appearing only on this website starting in 2011.  Archived articles may be found by checking the articles index. (Archived Articles 1980-2009)

         ANTA is pleased that its members use ANTIC as a forum for sharing ideas. We welcome personal anecdotes, letters to the editor, news of new champions, and escapades of pets. Articles dealing with scientific matters, such as genetics, reproduction, infectious disease, nutrition, and so forth, are always welcome but appropriate scientific citations should accompany the article.  When copywritten material is quoted, appropriate credit should be given.


    The health links and material on this site are provided for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for veterinary consultation. The opinions presented on the links and in the material on this site reflect various sides of issues. Decisions with respect to the specific care and treatment of an animal should always be made with appropriate veterinary advice.