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  • ANTA Membership Application


    As provided by the Bylaws of the American Norfolk Terrier Association, membership is open to those individuals who are eighteen or older and currently own a Norfolk Terrier.  All Norfolk Terrier owners are always welcome at ANTA events as are subscribers to our newsletter, ANTIC.


    Address:____________________________________________City:_________________ State______

    Zip Code:__________ Country:___________Phone(s):______________________________________


    When did you acquire your first Norfolk Terrier?_________  How many do you currently own?_____

    Where did you get your Norfolk(s) [Name of breeder(s) or other source: ___________


    Please list the registered names of your dog or dogs: _________________________


    Which activities might you want to try with your Norfolk?

    __Showing Breed  __Earth dog

    __Obedience  __Rally  __Lure Coursing  __Tracking  __Agility  __Dock Diving __Therapy Dog  ___ Companion


    Briefly describe what attracted you to Norfolk Terriers and your interest in the breed:





    Two current ANTA members are required as sponsors.  Attach a signed note from each sponsor stating his or her support for this application.  A sponsor may write his or her note of support on the back of this application or email it to the Membership Chairperson.

    Sponsor 1:___________________________________________ (Please Print)

    Sponsor 2:___________________________________________ (Please Print)


    In applying for membership, I affirm that I subscribe to the purposes of ANTA and agree to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws.



    Signature of Applicant:_____________________________________ Date:_______________


    Signature of Co-Applicant:__________________________________  Date:_______________


    Submit this application by snail mail to: Linda Federici, ANTA Membership Secretary, 506 Irving Court, Morrestown, NJ 08057, or email: linif@comcast.net


    DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH APPLICATION.  Dues are $20.00 single/$25 family per full year (October – September – half that amount for memberships approved after March of each year) for address in the US and Canada and become payable at time of acceptance;  for overseas addresses, there is a $5 postal surcharge.  Membership includes subscription to ANTIC.  Payment must be in US funds and checks must be drawn on US banks.