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  • Come One, Come All … It’s Fall (Festival) Time


    October 13 & 14, 2012

    Norfolk County Agricultural High School

    400 Main Street, Walpole, MA 02081


    Saturday Match Judge: Judith Felton, Jufelt Norfolk Terriers




    Friday, October 12


    Dinner at Horse and Carriage Restaurant

    Norfolk, Mass. at 6:30

    Reservations Required: Call Lori Pelletier at 508-361-0422 by 10/6/12   (Individual payment to restaurant.)


    Saturday, October 13


    8:30 –  Breakfast Courtesy of ANTA

    9:00 –  Noon  Heart Clinic*

    9:30 –  Registration Opens (advance registration encouraged!)

    10:30 – Match Judging Begins

    2:30    –  ANTA Annual Meeting

    3:00   –  Joan Read Memorial Lecture – Traveling with Your Dog

    7:00   –   Dinner at Olde Colonie Café, Norwood, MA – by advance registration only; see entry form.


    * Doppler heart testing by board-certified cardiologist Dr. John McGregor. $150 per dog with check (separate from Festival fees) made payable to ANTA and sent to Sheila Foran to arrive by October 6.  E-Mail registration to sforan2@cox.net accepted pending receipt of payment.


    Sunday, October 14

    8:30 –  Breakfast Courtesy of ANTA

    9:30 –  Registration for sporting events

    10:00 – Noon – introduction to quarry (earthdog)

    10:30 – Noon – introduction to agility and practice

    11:00 –  Noon – introduction to flat racing

    11:00 –  Noon – grooming demos; bring your questions

    12:00 – 1:00 — break for lunch

    1:00 – 2:00 –  flat racing for all dogs & lure coursing




    Red Roof Inn –  Boston/Mansfield/Foxboro

    ANTA Group Rate available until September 12, 2012

    Red Roof Inn – 80 Forbes Blvd.- Mansfield, MA

    Phone: 508-339-2323



    Match Classes on Saturday


    1A& 1B          Puppy Dog/Puppy Bitch            2-4 Months

    2A&2B           Puppy Dog/Puppy Bitch            4-6 Months

    3A&3B           Puppy Dog/Puppy Bitch            6-9 Months

    4A&4B           Puppy Dog/Puppy Bitch            9-12 Months

    5A&5B           Junior Dog/Junior Bitch            12-18 Months

    6                     Adult Dog                                      No Major Points

    7                     Adult Bitch –                                No Major Points

    8                     Companion Dog                          (Dogs without points;

    9                     Companion Bitch                         spayed/neutered OK)

    10                   Veteran Dog                                 8 years and over

    11                    Veteran Bitch                               8 years and over

    12                    Biffin of Beaufin Dog Stakes     (Open to Champions &

    13                    Merry of Beaufin Bitch Stakes    Major point winners)

    Non Regular Classes

    14                     Junior Handling                           Open to children through age 17

    15                     Family Class                                  For stud dogs and  brood bitches with 2 or more get – one entry per family.





    Dogs may be entered in one match class only with the exception of Junior Handling and Family Class; dogs entered in these classes may be entered in another ‘regular’ match class.



    Entry Form (Print and Mail with Registration Form to: Sheila Foran, 206 Cedar Ridge Terrace, Glastonbury, CT 06033)


    Please complete ALL information listed below when entering a match class for inclusion in the match catalogue.  If entering just for Sunday, it is only necessary to include your name and your dog’s call name


    Entries must be received by October 6.




    Phone: ________________________ Email:_____________________________


    DOG 1:  Registered Name: ________________________________________

    Sex: __________  DOB:_______ Breeder:______________________________

    Sat. Match Class (Name) _________________________ Number:______


    DOG 2:  Registered Name: ________________________________________

    Sex: __________  DOB:_______ Breeder:______________________________

    Sat. Match Class (Name) _________________________ Number:______


    DOG 3:  Registered Name: ________________________________________

    Sex: __________  DOB:_______ Breeder:______________________________

    Sat. Match Class (Name) _________________________ Number:______




    Pre-Registered Fee Schedule: $15.00 per dog includes Saturday’s match & Sunday’s sporting events. Each additional dog with same owner: $10.00 covers both days.


    For either Saturday (only) or Sunday (only) by re-registration: $10.00 per dog per day.


    “On the Day” Fee Schedule:  $12.00 per dog per day.






    Make single check payable to ANTA for food and activities; mail to Sheila Foran, 206 Cedar Ridge Terrace, Glastonbury, CT 06033


    Saturday Dinner         # Attending ____ @ $ 40 p.p.          $_________


    Saturday Lunch          # Ordered ____ @ $10.00 p.p.        $_________


    Sunday Lunch             # Ordered ____ @ 10.00 p.p.         $_________


    Saturday/Sunday bag lunch includes sandwich,

    salads, cookies.


    Match/Sunday entry fee:                                                      $_________


    TOTAL         $_________