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  • It’s A Brand New Year With THREE Great Events Planned … Join Us!

    Git it !

    Git it!

    It’s time to make those ANTA-oriented plans for 2012 … and it looks like we’ve got three great events in store for you.


    On the 23rd and 24th  of June we’ll be at Spring Cove Farm in Queenstown, Maryland.


    All the details will be publicized in the March issue of ANTIC, but it’s safe to say this is always a fun-filled event, it’s a beautiful spot at a beautiful time of the year.


    In July, it’s an ANTA fun day near Cortland, NY. The bonus? This is the weekend of the

    Lure coursing is sooooooo exciting!

    Lure coursing is sooooooo exciting!

    Finger Lakes Kennel Club’s earthdog trials in Newark Valley. If you have never had the opportunity to enter a ‘real’ earthdog event, this is your chance. There will be plenty of ANTA members entered and we’ll help out the newcomers. Consider entering “intro to quarry” if you think your Norfolk needs practice.  There will be two tests to enter on Saturday (earthdog people are very laid back and helpful to newcomers) and then we’ll all attend the ANTA event on Sunday.


    In October, we’ll be back in Walpole, Mass. for our annual Fall Festival. The dates are October 13 and 14.  We had our first Fall Festival here in 2011 and it was a resounding success.


    So don’t be shy.  Join us at one, two, or all three 2012 ANTA events.