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  • Rehoming … From Sad Farewell to a Warm and Welcoming New Home

    By Lucy Fleming


    How could it happen? After many, many years of shared life, we arrived at a point where we had no option but to place one of our treasured  Norfolks.


    But first some history. After we lost our foundation bitch (Ch. Sandpiper’s Cecily Parsley) at 14+ , The Tot (Ch. Gambit All Hallow’s Eve) ascended to the postion of Alpha Bitch Supreme, leaving us with just The Tot and her grand-mom, Honey (Ch. Gambit’s Bit O’Honey), aged 12.


    Then came a major disruption as contractors took over the house during the summer and the dogs were largely confined. Finally, enter a rambunctious puppy with no respect for her elders, and all Hell began to break loose as The Tot began to wage an unprovoked campaign of  escalating aggression against the ever-so-passive Honey.


    Time outs, distraction, discipline, and separation didn’t work – and the anxiety among each of the dogs (and us) continued to grow to a point where we knew we couldn’t continue to coexist happily or securely. So I reached out to my contacts and toa one, they all said, “Contact Sue Ely.”


    With considerable thought and diligence, Sue identified an appropriate new home for The Tot with Jennifer Lockett and her family. Jennifer and her daughter arrived on Christmas Eve to ‘interview’ The Tot, and they left shortly thereafter with her cuddled in their arms – and me sobbing in the driveway.


    Jennifer stays closely in touch and reports that The Tot (now known as ‘Ruby’) has happily adjusted to her new home and family. She’s particularly fond of their horse but a bit indifferent to the family cat – as things should be. Meanwhile, life in our household has mellowed considerably, with a rejuvenated Honey actually playing with the pup and the pup doing whatever pups love to do.


    We will always be grateful for the pleasure that The Tot brought us, but she is now a treasured family member in her new home – and that is truly a happy outcome for all.


    Thank you Sue.  Thank you Jennifer.  And thank you, Tot.


    (Published in ANTIC March 2010)