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  • Articles (1980 – 2009)


    2005 Promises To Be a Big Year for ANTA … In a Word, “Wahoo!”

    A Resounding Thanks to Jane Anderson from ANTA

    About ANTA

    ANTA Fall Festival Then and Now

    ANTA History

    ANTA Invites Norfolk Owners To Join in the Fun

    ANTA Needs Your Participation

    ANTA — Past, Present and Future

    ANTA We’ve Come a Long Way and the Best is Yet to Come

    As ANTA Membership Grows, More Input Needed

    Attending An ANTA Event … “What’s In It For Me?”

    Dear ANTA Members, a letter from Holly Bostwick

    What ANTA Asks Of Its Members


    ANTA Members Help Create Atlanta Terrier Club


    ANTA Seminars

    1997 – Review: The Terrier In Sporting Art

    1998 – Transcript: Current Issues In Canine Reproduction



    Animal Welfare? Absolutely, Animal Rights? No Way

    Any Road Taken in 2009

    It’s All in a Name


    Getting Involved

    Thank a Volunteer

    There’s No Time Like the Present To Get Involved

    ANTA History

    ANTA Observes 25 Years of Breed History


    Letters to ANTIC

    Letter to ANTIC From Jim Cunningham

    Letter to ANTIC From Gayle Negren

    Meet ANTA Members

    Meet JoAnne Condron

    Meet Nicky Conroy


    Meet Your ANTA Officers

    Meet Board Member Peggy Metcalf … Flurries Norfolks

    Meet Our President Lori Pelletier

    Meet Our Secretary Cathie Heimbach


    Messages From Judith Felton, ANTA President 2000 – 2008 (chronological order)

    ANTA’s New President: Judith Felton

    Variety of Activities Planned; Members Urged To Participate

    Thoughts About 9/11

    ANTA Greets 2003 With a Full Slate of Activities

    Looking Ahead to the New Year . . .

    Message from ANTA’s President, Judith Felton

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year

    Message From ANTA President Judith Felton

    A Word From ANTA’s Outgoing President


    Messages From Ed Plummer, ANTA President 1996 – 2000 (chronological order)

    ANTA’s New President: Ed Plummer

    Elections: ANTA Issues Call For Volunteers

    ANTA Strives To Deliver Good Fun And Varied Activities

    ANTA Delivers And Norfolks Achieve

    Behind The Scenes At The Spring Fling

    New ANTA Championship Award

    ANTA Fall Festival 1998

    ANTA Plans For 1999

    ANTA Web Site, ANTIC, and You

    ANTA Events for 2000/Opportunity Knocks

    ANTA Mourns Loss Of Pioneering Breeder Barbara Fournier In New Mexico

    ANTA Update … from Ed Plummer

    ANTA Activities, 2000 Elections & Parting Words



    Building Up a Bitch Line

    Breeding For Temperament: A Primary Consideration

    Broad Institute Maps Disease Genes in Dogs – Research May Apply to Humans

    Care and Training of Stud Dogs

    Current Issues In Canine Reproduction – ANTA Seminar, 1998

    Decision to Breed Requires Thought and Careful Planning

    Do’s and Don’ts on Stud Work

    Experienced Breeder/Exhibitor/Judge Presents Challenging Questions

    Food for Thought: Breeders Need To Have a Plan to Deal With Potential Genetic Problems

    Gene Identified in Dogs; Shares Family with Recently Targeted Gene for Autism

    Genetic Defects and Breeding Practices in the Labrador Retreiver

    Genetic Larceny Threatens Validity of Purebred Breeding Programs

    Genetic Study Finds Small Dogs Originated in Middle East

    Health History of Breeding Stock Should Be of Primary Importance

    How Much Is That Cute Little “Designer Dog” in the Window … and Why Should Breeders Care?

    Kennel Blindness

    Normal Physiologic Values for Young Puppies

    Planning Ahead

    Practical Considerations In Offering A Dog At Stud

    Remember When You Were a Novice Norfolk Owner?

    Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease

    The Canine Genetic Heritage Project at UC-Davis Seeks Input From Dog Owners

    The Downside of Inbreeding: It’s Time For a New Approach

    The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control

    The Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics

    Thoughts on Brood Bitches

    To Breed or Not? … That Is the Question

    “Twisty Kats” and Why Conformation Is Important

    Spay or Neuter

    To Spay or Neuter That is the Question


    Early Litter Care

    Fetal Resorption — A Cause of Missed Pregnancies

    Foot Phenomenon

    Is It Eclampsia?

    Telltale Signs of Difficult Labor

    Tube Feeding May Be Best Way To Minister To Newborn Puppies in Need of Supplementation

    Tums for the Mommy

    Twitching Puppies




    Food (Also see Nutrition)

    Allergy or Intolerance

    How Much Paprika Should You Feed Your 1200 Pound Horse?

    Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats . . .

    Safety Issues Raised With Popular dog Treats

    Selecting a Commercial Pet Food

    What’s Really in Pet Food


    Coat Care and Maintenance

    Coat Care For the Average Pet

    Commentary: Has the AKC Recognized a New Breed of Short-Legged Terrier?

    Grooming The Norfolk

    Grooming the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier

    How Long Do I Tape My Puppy’s Ears?

    Nail Clipping Made Easier

    Regular Grooming Doesn’t Take a Lot of Time for the Pet Owner … Just Practice

    There is More to do in Florida Than Have Fun in the Sun


    Nutrition (Also see Food)

    “BARF” — A Hot Topic on the Dietary Front

    Kibble Made Me Turn to BARF


    Puppy Care

    Puppy Care Package



    AKC Rules … Yesterday and Today

    ANTA Congratulates BOB Winners

    Barbara Miller Named AKC’s Breeder of the Year for 2007

    Blending Obedience Training With the Show Ring

    Border Terrier and Norfolk Terrier … Cousins in the Ring

    Bred By Exhibitor Dogs Granted Two Year Eligibility at National Championship

    Congratulations to Coco …

    The Match Game

    To Show or Not To Show

    What Is Dog Breed?

    Winning Words: Rivalry vs. Competition


    Some Things To Consider When Choosing a Professional Handler




    Picking Your Pet’s Perfect Canine Hostelry

    Stay in Boarding Kennel Need Not Be a Negative Experience


    Book Reviews  All Heart … A Loving Memoir

    George the Norfolk Plays Major Role in “dog world”

    Kindred Spirits and The Holistic Dog Book


    Buying and Selling

    Breeders and Buyers – Both Have Ongoing Responsibilities

    Co-Ownership: Why?

    Finding A Responsible Breeder — Article from the Flat-Coat Retriever page

    In Search of a Norfolk Puppy — Lessons Learned

    Picking A Show-Prospect Puppy


    Puppy Care Package

    The Art of Conducting a Successful Search For a Norfolk Terrier

    Tips on Buying and Selling Norfolk Puppies

    What Is the Pick of the Litter

    Canine Good Citizen

    Canine Good Citizen Test

    Is Your Dog a Canine Good Citizen?



    Carpet Care Tips

    10 Easy Steps To Housetraining

    Housebreaking Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier

    Tips On Housebreaking



    A Little Doggy Humor

    A Selection of Dog Proverbs …

    Basic Rules for Dogs Who Have a House and Garden To Supervise

    Canine Letters to God

    Canine Virus Requires Immediate Attention

    Confessions of a Redheaded Sporting Lady

    Consider This … Chain Letter

    Doggie Dictionary

    Doggone Good Quotes

    Dog Haiku~

    Dog Property Laws

    Help Wanted …

    How Norfolks Got Stubby Tails

    How To Know That Martha Stewart Is Stalking Your Dog …

    How To Make A Puppy Pie

    How To Prepare for a New Puppy

    If I Didn’t Have Dogs ..

    Life Explained

    New Performance Titles Announced by AKC

    Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Use Computers …

    Take Them Around One Last Time

    The Best Place To Bury a Dog

    The Evolution of Dog Rules

    This Must Be Heaven

    Top 10 Reasons To Breed Dogs

    Understanding Your Veterinarian’s Automated Telephone System


    Jessica Jurich James

    All The Way to Oyster Bay


    Living With Your Dog

    Are You Taking The Time To Show Your Dogs You Love Them?

    Communicating With Your Dog … Body Language Matters

    Entertaining Your Norfolk Terrier

    Is Your Dog a Risk Taker? What’s “Acceptable” and What’s Not?

    Little Dog Lost? Be Prepared

    More Fun Things To Do With Your Norfolk Than You Ever Thought Possible …


    Norfolks Around the Globe

    Travels With Carl and Faith … Into Australia


    Norfolk Tales

    And The Winners Are

    Amusing Things

    A Star Is Born … Kind of … Well … Almost

    Biscuit “Delivers” a Good Dog Story

    Don’t Forget the Old Dogs Need Your Time and Attention

    Ch. Bethway’s Joshua


    Faith Goes Fishing

    Faith Goes To Kindergarten And Earns Straight A’s …

    Happy Birthday to Carlos!!!

    Indoor Earthdogs

    It Wouldn’t Be Summer In NH Without a Norfolk Party

    June 5th — A Day To Remember In Mystic . . .

    Lesson From A Dog

    Molly and Jack

    More Lessons From a Dog

    Norfolks in Alaska

    Old Dog

    President Clinton Proclaims Norfolk Cute

    To Borrow From Dickens … It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times and Carl Was There

    The Todmorden Clan Gathers for Norfolk Family Reunion and Sporting Day

    “You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away!”



    Internet Etiquette

    New Concern From Cyberspace: Canine Internet Auctions




    Celine Joiris

    Sandy Healy


    Quarantine Laws

    Quarantine Laws Gradually Changing

    Quarantine Rules Changing Around The Globe

    UK’s Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) Extended to Mainland USA and Canada



    Anatomy of a Rescue

    How Norton the Norfolk Came to Live the Life of Riley

    Rehoming… From Sad Farewell to a Warm and Welcoming New Home

    The Rescue of Edgar … A Norfolk Tale With A Happy Ending


    Therapy Dog

    All Dogs Are Therapy Dogs

    An Old Dog Passes a New Test

    Have You Ever Wondered How Much Puppy Visits Mean?

    Jake Excels as Pet Partner

    McKenzie Earns TDI Recognition


    Air Travel Tips

    Live to Run Again … A Cautionary Tale

    Pack the Car, Grab the Norfolks and Head for Your Favorite Activity

    Think Ahead, Be Safe, Tie It Down


    Westminster 2003 Brings Out the Stars of the Dog Show World





    Norfolks, Shedding and Human Allergies

    Nothing To Sneeze At



    Anesthesia Largely Safe For Norfolks But Safety Precautions Are Always Warranted

    More About The Risks of Anesthetics


    Cheyletiella Mite

    Cheyletiella Mite In Norfolks

    Dandruff in Puppies



    Ichtyosis Bullosa of Siemens

    Morris Animal Foundation Funds Research; Texas A&M Develops DNA Test for Ichthyosis in Norfolk Terriers

    Zinc Responsive Dermatosis



    Elusive Expression

    Erratic Ears


    Emergency Preparedness

    Making an Evacuation Kit for Your Dog


    Eye Sight

    How Well Do Dogs See At Night?


    First Aid

    Simple Medicine Chest Important Addition To Dog-Related Supplies



    Homemade Remedies for Flea and Tick Control

    Safe, Effective Flea Control



    A Reminder … Tick-Born Illness — It’s Not Just Lyme

    Bladder Stones — A Non-Surgical Approach

    Cocoa Bean Mulch Dangerous if Ingested by Dogs

    Blood Work: CBC and Chemistry Panel Are Important Aspects of Annual Physical

    Deceiving appearance: What looks like disobedience might be a health problem

    Dog Link Index

    Genetic Terms Need Proper Definitions as Health Concerns in Breed are Explored

    Getting To The “Heart” Of The Matter

    Heart Disease

    Heat Stroke

    IMHA for Dummies

    Important Tips for Keeping Your Older Dog Healthy

    In One End and Out the Other … But Not Always

    Incidence of Genetic Diseases In Norfolks Must Be Addressed

    Infectious Causes of Reproductive Failure

    Initial Results Reported on Incidence of MVD in Norfolk Terriers

    More on Mitral Valve Disease

    New Drug Developed for Treating Canine Cancer

    On a Personal Note: “Get the Bloodwork!”

    Rabies Challenge Fund Seeks Donations To Fund Research

    Streptococcal Toxic Shock in Dogs

    Summer Brings Fun and Perils, Too

    The Time Has Come To Support Needed Research

    Valley Fever May Be Threat To Those Travelling in Southwest

    What is the “Ideal Weight” for your Norfolk




    Skin Deep



    External Parasites

    Internal Parasites

    Parasites Present Real Problems; Zoonotic Disease Affects People as Well as Dogs




    Emergency Assistance For Poison Control

    Mushroom Ingestion Can Prove Fatal To Dogs

    Partial Listing of Poisonous Plants

    Xylitol is Toxic to Dogs


    Portocaval Shunt

    Health Update: Portocaval Shunt in Norfolk Terriers

    Liver Shunt — A Seemingly Small Breed Problem


    Tail Docking

    Anaesthetic and Newborns: A Cautionary Tale

    Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails



    Crowded Mouths

    Helpful Hints on Teeth and Bites

    Toothsome Resolution



    2006 AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines

    Dr. W. Jean Dodds Canine Vaccination Protocol

    New Vaccination Guidelines (June, 2003)

    Preparation Can Prevent Tragedy In Cases Of Allergic Reaction

    Therapeutic Vaccine To Treat Canine Cancer Conditionally Approved by USDA

    Understanding Puppy Vaccinations

    Vaccination Protocol News Flash (September, 2004)

    Vaccinations -When?, Why? How?



    A Good Working Releationship With Your Dog’s Veterinaryian Is Vital To Long-Term Health

    Is It an Emergency? When To Call the Vet …

    The Second Most Important Person In Any Norfolk’s Life




    In Memoriam, People

    Everett Anderson

    George Bragaw

    Marjorie Bunting

    “Annie” Clark

    Michael Crawley

    Kathleen Eimil

    Phyllis Fagan

    Barbara Fournier

    Barbara Fournier Remembered; AKC Petitioned To Retire Bethway Kennel Name

    Bernhard K. Kuehn

    Constance Stuart Larrabee

    Esther H. Macomber

    David Miller

    Sheila Monckton

    Wayne Palmer

    Joan Rawlins

    Joan R. Read

    Dr. Will Schwab

    Joy Taylor

    Daphne Thacker — Daffran

    Katherine Warwick

    Ann Winston


    In Memoriam, Pets

    Ch. Aberschan Coriander and Arigna My Black Hen

    Aberschan Mimi

    Aberschan Nutmeg of Ciconia and Ch. Aberschan Gilbert And

    Adam’s Bouncer


    Ch. Bear Hill’s Hearth Cricket

    Ch. Ben Kelev’s Good Time Charlie

    Bertie Chidley Ragwort

    Ch Bethway’s Carlos

    Birkenshaw’s Ever Ready Rebecca

    Black Magic’s Camden Brett


    Capstone’s Honey Bear

    Capstone Special Handling


    Ch. Chatham’s Beach Plum CGC

    Ch. Chidley Lily Marlene

    Ch. Chidley Magic Marker and Ch. Yarrow’s Jasmine

    Ch. Chidley Major G, ME, CG, CGC, TDI, WC

    Canadian OTCH Cortaillod Camelot of Islay AMCDX, RN, TT

    Ch. Cortaillod The Safecracker

    Cori Simon Nelson


    Domby’s Mister Micawber

    Domby’s Oliver Twist, CD, ME, MX, MXJ, CGC, AWTA, CG

    Ch. Ginger and Pickles O’Sandpiper, JE

    Ch. Jal-Mar’s Kelly of Killane

    Kilkenny’s Mountain Heather, CDX, CGC, TDI


    Lime Tree Magic Bindle

    Lucky Luke

    Megan and Heather

    Millie Sunshine of Fifth Avenue

    Montie of Elbow Rock

    Neverdones Sir Humphrey

    Ch. Pooles’ Ide Pork Pie

    Red Pepper Mandy

    Regency’s Texas

    Ch. Reidmar Mercator

    Ch. Sage’s Solomon Seal, CDX

    Ch. Sandpiper’s Barkers Point


    Ch. Titanium Grenadier. CG

    Tylwyth Just Felicity

    Ch. Wenwagon Fergie

    Wenwagon Skylark

    Ch. Yarrow’s First Lady CGC “Martha”

    Yarrow’s Mill Stone




    Distinctive Traits Help Define the Breed

    Staying True To Their Terrier Heritage Is Critical To Norfolk Well-Being

    The Norfolk Terrier

    The Working Background Of The Norfolk Terrier Needs To Be Appreciated




    Just What Is a Fluffy



    A Determined But Lovable Terrier

    Don’t Forget How We Got Here

    History of the Norfolk in Australia

    How’s Your Sense of Norfolk History?

    Thoughts on Norfolk Terriers … Then and Now

    Why Norfolk?



    Clark, Anne Rogers



    Norfolk/Norwich Separation



    Norfolk Haiku


    Photographing Your Norfolk … a Fine Art



    Differing Standards–USA/UK

    More Talk About Tails



    Bridging the Gap Between Show Dogs and Working Dogs


    Tail Set






    Agility Dogs in Florida

    Agility Gives Clipper A Chance To Show What A Norfolk Can Do

    Agility Mentorships Available at All-Terrier Agility Trials in Pennsylvania

    A Norfolk’s Cup of Tea

    A Perfect 10!

    Clipper’s Excellent Adventures in the World of Agility

    ‘Cutter’ Proves He Has What It Takes To Become Agility Star

    Hooked on Performance Events: An Owner’s Journey Into the World of Agility

    My Breed of Choice Is …

    Newton and Darcy Make “Norfolk Waves” and Show Expertise in a Variety of Arenas

    Norfolks Starring in Agility

    Ollie Hits His Stride …

    Stamp Takes National Agility Championship Show in Stride

    Tally Can Fly!

    Trying To Get to the Top

    Winnie Wins Agility Title: Makes Breed History


    AKC Events

    ILP Numbers Allow Dogs To Compete in AKC Events


    Canine Water Sports Offer Great Opportunity for Exercise and Titles, Too


    Dock Diving

    Miss Bingley’s Excellent Adventure… As Told to Her Owner Beth Kravetz




    Earthdog Competition Brings Out the Best in Dogs and Owners Alike

    Getting Ready To “Go Git ‘Em” — AKC To Celebrate 10 Years of Earthdog Tests

    Norfolks Go To Ground

    Rosie Achieves High Honors By Going Down Under!

    United Kennel Club Begins Earth Work Hunting Program

    Working Puppy Training … Earthdog Titles To Follow!


    Lure Coursing

    Description and Introduction

    The Thrill of the Chase



    The Nose Knows The New Sport of K-9 Nosework



    An Old Friend in Times of Trouble … What to Do?

    Brandy Earns Obedience Title

    First All Terrier Combined Specialty Obedience Trial Scheduled for September, 2004

    On The Obedience Front: Sheeba Earns CDX

    Powers of Observation … A Different Training Tool

    Why Obedience?

    Titles, Championship and Performance

    AKC Championship and Performance Titles

    Are You Up for the Challenge? Which Titles are in Your Dog’s Future?

    What Is a Title, Really?



    The Nose Knows Introducing Your Norfolk to Tracking


    Tracking Clinic Gives Norfolks a Chance To “Follow Their Noses”



    Don’t Forget To Play Games With Your Dog … It’s Fun, and Good Exercise, Too

    In Life, Which Counts Most … Nature or Nurture?

    Lead Training

    That’s Enough

    The Rule of Sevens … Tips on Puppy Socialization


    Weight Pulling

    Beacon Earns International Weight Pull Title

    Weight Pulling Opens New Avenues of Performance for Norfolks



    Versatile Breed Makes Great Strides: Owners Learn To Have Fun!

    Versatile Norfolk Shows That Training Pays!